Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam‎ Newspaper
visual design Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) Amsterdam

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam‎(OBA) is a Public Library in Amsterdam. With its 27 branches, the OBA forms hospitable, accessible and safe places in all neighborhoods where people meet and everyone has access to knowledge, information and culture.

Made in a Designteam in Thonik

Wij zijn West
visual design Wij zijn West Amsterdam

Wij Zijn West is a community in Amsterdam West. They share wishes, interests, expertise and how they help make New West even more beautiful via the community. This community is developed and managed by the residents of Amsterdam West.

Made in a Designteam in Zeppa.

Life Hacks: Introducing Iris
creative coding Rotterdam

Iris is a physical device, ostensibly, an “artificial intelligence”, whose aim is to increase productivity. It is installed in work environments where workers can easily interact with it. It interacts via audio, camera and visual effects and aims to be installed in a workplace environment. 

The device is inhabited by three different personalities: Corporate Guru, Pirate Signal and Announcer. The interactions with and conflicts between these three personalities forces the user to adopt a reflexive and critical attitude toward the device. The user triggers the performance and is placed in an ambiguous position; doubtful if the emphasis is on productivity or happiness.

Iris is built upon Python, shell script, motion detector, and Raspberry Pi.

Roller Coasters in the Bubble Economy
book design, visual design The Hague

Bubble economy is a phenomenon that economy grows exponentially, reaches its peak and drops steeply. This is analogous to the characteristics of roller coasters.

Roller Coasters in the Bubble Economy shows the seven different kinds of bubble economies in the world, related with news articles of roller coaster accidents.

brand strategy, brand identity, visual design, type design FamilySupporters Amsterdam

FamilySupporters welcomes children, adults and elderly people who are in need of psychological and practical help. The organisation offers flexible and custom care based on the client’s preferences. Waiting lists don’t apply at FamilySupporters, so clients receive the right treatment in no-time. 

The logo is supposed to make the clients feel welcomed, so we gave the y a little smile. The dot on the i is supported by the rest of the letter, in the same way the clients are supported by FamilySupporters. The lines symbolize lifelines. These travel up and down, and visualize life’s up’s and down’s. Red already was a key colour for FamilySupporters and the organisation wanted to hold on to that. We expanded their palette with blue, green and yellow, so we would be able to design freely.

The design is applied in posters, flags, flyers and many different applications such as letterhead, Powerpoint template, animation, social media, website, infographics and animations. 

Holland Festival
visual design Holland Festival Amsterdam

Holland Festival is the biggest international performing arts festival in the Netherlands. Theatre, dance, music, opera, film and visual arts. Every year in June the festival showcases ground-breaking productions by artists from all across the world and new developments in the performing arts.

Made in a Designteam in Thonik

Blik op Talent
typography, visual design Blik op Talent Amsterdam

Blik op Talent carries out projects in the field of social and labor participation and employment support. They focus on developing and providing training for specific target groups.

Made in a Designteam in Zeppa

New Activism Series
design strategy, brand identity, motion design (A)WAKE Rotterdam

New Activism is a series of discussion nights that shed light on new forms of activism by presenting new activist voices and their ways of challenging the status quo. Using the 3D rings as visual mediums, New Activism introduces how activism can make a connection with different topics.

This brand identity includes a5 flyers, posters, banners and social media contents.

Lezen van Beeld
visual design Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) Rotterdam

The Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (Public Library Amsterdam), OBA, is a collective name for all public libraries in Amsterdam. This edition includes invitations, posters, and social media banners for the exhibition called ‘Lezen van Beeld’.

Made in a Designteam in Thonik

New Radicalism
art directing, brand identity, design strategy, motion design (A)WAKE Rotterdam

New Radicalism is a four-day festival around radical new talents in digital art and culture from the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and its diasporas. The festival is both intimate and interdisciplinary in its design, with a wide-ranging exhibition, panels, workshops and a lively music program in the evening. The concept was ‘in-betweenness’ of the MENA area, where we used the movement of two circles as a way to express the concept with two color gradients. Besides, 3D elements were incorporated to emphasise the digital aspect of the festival. I, as a lead designer, designed/guided all the design assets including the website, banners, flyers, program book, press release sheet, tickets and bags.