brand strategy, brand identity, visual design, type design FamilySupporters Amsterdam

FamilySupporters welcomes children, adults and elderly people who are in need of psychological and practical help. The organisation offers flexible and custom care based on the client’s preferences. Waiting lists don’t apply at FamilySupporters, so clients receive the right treatment in no-time. 

The logo is supposed to make the clients feel welcomed, so we gave the y a little smile. The dot on the i is supported by the rest of the letter, in the same way the clients are supported by FamilySupporters. The lines symbolize lifelines. These travel up and down, and visualize life’s up’s and down’s. Red already was a key colour for FamilySupporters and the organisation wanted to hold on to that. We expanded their palette with blue, green and yellow, so we would be able to design freely.

The design is applied in posters, flags, flyers and many different applications such as letterhead, Powerpoint template, animation, social media, website, infographics and animations.